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First Croatian Nettle Perfume Enters Guinness Book of Records

First Croatian perfume made from nettle leaf – Urtica – (Photo: Koprivnica Tourist Board)

The first Croatian perfume made from nettle leaf has entered the Guinness Book of Records on Saturday.

At the Renaissance Festival in the northern Croatian city of Koprivnica yesterday the Guinness Record for the most people applying perfume in one place was set.

1,565 people applied the perfume ‘Urtica’, which is the first Croatian perfume made from the common nettle leaf, or Kopriva in Croatia, breaking the old record of 1,512 people.

Urtica, which was created by Dejan Levačić from Čakovec, is based on the nettle leaf.

“The process of creating a perfume from the nettle leaf took around 14 months. The main notes of the Urtica perfume are nettle picked in the Koprivnica area, neven, leaf of violet, jasmine, and almond. The perfume is made on the basis of 25% essence, and through its primordial twig note, it delivers freshness that allows it to be unobtrusive. It is intended for use in the summer months because its fresh notes give a special lightness, a feeling of freshness and freedom on warm days,” Dejan Levačić says.

(Photo: Koprivnica Tourist Board)

Huge crowds have once again turned out for this year’s festival which ends today. Last year around 50,000 locals and tourists attended and more were expected this year.

As well as perfume, there were a number of other products from nettle presented at the festival, including beer, rakija, cosmetics, cakes and other foods.

You can check out the action from this year’s festival here.

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