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Favourite Croatian Candies

Iconic 505 s crtom (photo: Kraš)

By Iva Ralica

This list is a hard one to sum up. You wouldn’t think Croatia has a great number of really delicious candies, but we do.

A number of candies are iconic have been around for over 30 years. Sweet, sour, refreshing – here are 9 Croatian candies which were, and are, part of most child (and adult:) hoods.

1. Bronhi

Bronhi toffees is a special candy from which the airways benefit! Almost 100 years old recipe is one of the most famous candies in the region. Made of liquor extract and herbs, such as eucalyptus and menthol, Bronhi always tastes delicious and refreshing!

2. Ki-Ki

Ki-Ki mix is one of the best things in this world. Lemon, strawberry, raspberry and many other fruit sorts full with vitamin C, or so they say, are still here to make any childhood great! To join the company slogan “No matter where, Ki-Ki is everywhere!”.

3. 505 s crtom

Grandmas sure must be the greater sneakers of this candy into the kids´ lives! Fruity taste of the hard candy and the hexagon shape with a famous line covering it, it brings back memories of the early childhood days. Even songs were written about it!

4. Peppermint

A pearl-like peppermint candy with a chocolate filling is one amazing combination that never disappoints! Sweet and refreshing flavour is extraordinary!

5. Vau-Vau

Dog – shaped fruit candies in a small dog house. Yes, that happened! And for more than 30 years it is still delicious. Even for grownups!

6. Cedevita 

Multivitamin candy that tastes just like the famous drink and comes in different fruit flavours. One candy full of vitamins and then the second and after that stopping is hard.

7. Bajadera

Ok, not a candy in its full sense, but these chocolate pralines couldn’t not make it to this list. In Croatia, Bajadera is sometimes referred to as “bombonjera”, box of chocolates, or literary, a box of candies. This is one of the best known products and is the chocolate queen! It is also a famous Croatian gift, but when it wasn’t passed on to someone, as it usually goes, the kids would eat it up in a second!

8. Rondo C

Rondo C has a more than 30-year tradition. These hard sweets with vitamin C come in different flavours with the classic pineapple big favourites. These are one of the most sold candies in Croatia.

9. Mentol

Mentol are hard candies that are mild with a refreshing taste, leaving a pleasant cooling sensation in the mouth. Great for opening up and clearing the airways too.

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