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Family Centre Advises Men To Drink More Alcohol

A Family Centre in Croatia, dedicated to promoting marriage and family values, has caused controversy on Tuesday after it published on its website a list of advice for men and women on how they need to behave to make a marriage work, saying men need to drink more alcohol and women need to cook good for their husbands.

The Family Centre of the Varazdin Diocese in eastern Croatia published the list on its website this morning but were soon forced to remove it after a backlash. Amongst the “code of conduct” tips for men, they suggested that  a real man must be in control and suppress their feelings, don’t take too much care of their bodies and drink as much alcohol as they could.

They suggested that women should first forget in an argument with their husband, not criticize her husbands friends, produce a varied menu when cooking for him, not cook anything he doesn’t like and be nice to his family and friends.

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