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Explore beautiful Gorski Kotar this summer with Lynx and Fox

 Jelena Holenko Pir

Jelena Holenko Pirc – owner of Lynx and Fox, guide and tour designer

The summer in Croatia’s Gorski Kotar County with the Lynx and Fox tour agency is as delightful as a raspberry or blueberry, clear as the blue surface of the lake on which rafts and kayaks glide, fresh as the shadowy forests of the valleys and peaks, chatty as a bubbling river, and mystical as the night that blends nature, music, and silence.

Designing tours in Gorski Kotar is an imaginative game of discovering its beauties in countless photogenic ways for both loyal and new visitors.

Lake Mrzla Vodica

The soothing sight of Lake Mrzla Vodica

In addition to well-received and popular walks, the Lynx and Fox agency has prepared some fresh and exciting day and night adventures for this summer in Gorski Kotar.

Lynx and Fox tour

Lynx and Fox tours are ideal family fun

Last year, a walk on the dried-up Lokvarsko Lake was the main attraction. This year, two tours will provide plenty of opportunities to enjoy its abundance of water.

Lokvarsko Lake

Lokvarsko Lake 

The Lokvarsko Lake tour – hidden trails, swimming pools, and rafting will occur on July 7, August 4, and August 17. Lynx and Fox will take you on a long journey showcasing the beauties of the lake.

Lokvarsko Lake

Lokvarsko Lake

Additionally, they have teamed up with the Go Wild Adventures agency to offer the opportunity to experience the lake for the first time through a kayaking tour on July 27.

Kayak tour (Photo: GoWild Adventures)

The delicious flavor of berries and the chance for some family fun will be the main attraction at up to three “berry” walks; the Hiking and Cocktails event on June 29 in Skrad, Blueberry Day on July 6 in Ravna Gora, and the “Bob Fest” on July 20 in Fužine.

Hiking with a cocktail in Gorski kotar

Hiking and cocktails

For those who missed out on the berries, there will be another opportunity to enjoy sweet treats in Fužine on September 7, at the “Medun Fest.” As part of this event, Lynx and Fox agency is organizing a family tour of Preradović’s peak.

Berries in Gorski kotar

Blueberry Day

All the beauty of Fužine from Preradović peak

All the beauty of Fužine from Preradović peak

Lynx and Fox has planned nighttime experiences in addition to daytime ones. On August 3rd, make sure to take part in the Night Walk with musical surprises.

Walking at night in Delnice

Night walks 

This year, the protected forest Japlenški vrh will be transformed into an enchanted musical fairy tale, just like last year.

The nighttime forest environment and the beautiful sounds of young musicians playing a variety of classical instruments will create a truly unique experience.

Playing music in Gorski kotar

Music surprises

Let’s also mention the tried-and-tested favorites that will once again attract the audience to other parts of Gorski Kotar.

Forest Park Golubinjak

Forest Park Golubinjak

On July 21, the hosts will be Špičasti vrh and the cultural treasure Brod Moravica.

Nature in the surroundings of Brod Moravica

Nature in the surroundings of Brod Moravica

An alternative to refreshments in the lake will be to enjoy Kupa river, because on July 28 and 10 and on August 24, there is a family educational walk – the Kupica river, Zrinski castle, and frolicking in the Kupa river.

Zrinski castle

Zrinski castle (Photo: Prirodoslovni muzej Rijeka)

Summer in Gorski Kotar

A summer full of freshness in Gorski Kotar

This summer will also be an opportunity to strengthen good-neighborly relations, because on July 13, Lynx and Fox will take visitors to their Slovenian partners, namely the Institute for Culture and Tourism Kostel, on a meaningful tour of the Kostel Devil’s Hidden Secret.

Lynx and Fox team Nataša Batinić_Marina Iskra_ Jelena Holenko Pirc

Lynx and Fox team Nataša Batinić, Marina Iskra and Jelena Holenko Pirc


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