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Expat couple praise Croatian medical team for their lifesaving duties

Croatian medical team praised (Photo: Private album)

KORCULA, 28 July 2020 – An expat couple living on the Croatian island of Korcula island has nothing but praise for Croatian medical staff after an incident a few days ago.

On Friday, the 25th of July, Anna van Rensburg was airlifted from Korcula Island and flown to the Dubrovnik Hospital. 

At midnight on Thursday, Anna woke her husband, Kobus and complained about a pain in her chest. They immediately drove to the Blato Clinic where Dr. Galiot was on ER duty. She did an EKG and blood pressure tests and tried to determine what could have caused the pains. 

At 5 a.m. on Friday morning after a second EKG, Dr. Galiot advised the couple to seek a second medical opinion after which the couple went to the Korcula Hospital. On arrival, Dr. Anela Martic immediately did a third EKG and more medical tests and examinations. Dr. Martic told Kobus that Anna is undergoing symptoms similar to a heart attack and that she will call for the emergency helicopter to take Anna to one of the mainland hospitals. 

Just a short while later Anna was transferred to the helicopter landing pad near the Korcula Hospital and soon the Police helicopter airlifted Anna, to be flown to Dubrovnik Hospital. 

Anna about to board the helicopter (Photo: Private album)

On arrival at the Dubrovnik Hospital, the medical team was ready to receive Anna and she was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit in the Cardiovascular Section of the Hospital. There the medical teams wasted no time and Dr. Marko Cokolat and his nursing team took care of Anna. 

On Monday, the 27th of July, Anna underwent medical surgery and two stents were placed into her heart’s main artery. Anna will be discharged from the hospital on Wednesday and will recover at home in Prigradica. 

Her husband, Kobus described the medial team’s work as first-class and he believes that the Croatian medical Doctors can be compared to any first world country in the world. He feels strongly that if it was not for the fast actions and determination of Dr. Martic, that Anna could have suffered catastrophic consequences.  

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