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Every Country’s Most Popular Beer – What is Croatia’s?

OzujskoEver wondered what is the most popular beer in your country? If you are in Croatia and order an Ožujsko then you are drinking Croatia’s most popular beer…

Portal Vinepair have published a nifty infographic which reveals the most popular beers in over 100 countries based on everything from research reports to corporate filings.

Whilst Ožujsko, or as locals call it Žuja, is the most popular in Croatia, Laško is the most popular in Slovenia, Heineken in the Netherlands, Guinness in Ireland, whilst in England Carling is the most prefered drop. Check out the map below, but note that the most popular beer by market share for each country is based upon the most recent year available. If recent data was inconclusive or unavailable, the country was not included on the map. Click on the map to enlarge.


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