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Eric Cantona in Zagreb: “Croatia is a great country, people are friendly, wine is good!”

Eric Cantona in Zagreb (Screenshot/Dnevnik)

Former France and Manchester United football star turned actor Eric Cantona was the star of the premiere of the Croatian film ‘Anka’ in Zagreb on Monday.

Cantona, who won four Premier League titles in five years and two League and FA Cup Doubles with Manchester United, stars in the feature fiction film called ‘Anka’, which was filmed in Croatia in 2015.

“I love the time I have spent here. I really love this country, it is a great country. The people are very warm, proud and strong and very friendly. We eat a lot of food (here) and wine. I had a great time”, the former Manchester United star said today at the premiere to Nova TV.

Eric Cantona in Zagreb at the premiere (Screenshot/Dnevnik)

“Working here was great because you can not have or get this type of relationship when you have have a holiday here.”

Cantona was also asked about Croatian football by the press in Zagreb.

“Croatia is a sporting power, although they have a small population. You have a lot of good sportsmen and women, and for generations have had very good footballers. Luka Modrić is an excellent player, he is the brains of the team, one of the most important players for Real Madrid and Croatia. Rakitić is also excellent, if he was not he would not play for Barcelona”, Cantona told HRT.

Luka Modrić (photo credit: HNS)

Directed by Dejan Aćimović, and produced by his sister Tatjana, Anka is based on the eponymous children’s book written by Mate Lovrak. World renowned French director of photography Thierry Arbogast also worked on the film.

Eric Cantona in Anka (image: press)

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