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Easy To Find – Croatia App


A new app which enables you to find any place, facility and service closest to your current location in Croatia, including hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, banks, ATM machines, and exchange offices.

In addition to mapping all possible places and locations, the Easy to Find application also includes biking and hiking trails, and offers the possibility of virtual tourist routes (virtual walks) and more.

Users are provided with all the necessary information such as contacts and instructions on how to get to the chosen location in the easiest possible way. Easy to find is an ideal application for tourists and visitors who want to get around newly- visited places easily and effectively.

Easy to Find app

“Today’s way of life is such that we are constantly on the move, either with our private motives or business. That’s why we designed an application that will save you a lot of nerves and time. Imagine wherever you travel without the need for any guide, no explanations, you do not have to know the foreign language, you do not need maps or navigation. With the Easy To Find app, you’ll just have it all in one place on the palm of your hand,” the creators say.

Find your way around new places (Photo: Trogir visitadriatic.eu)

The aim of the application is to help everybody in the unknown (as well as in the known) reach their desired goal in it the fastest way.

You can download the application here: play.google.com/store/

How does it work?

The application is mapped so that each location is entered manually with the coordinates taken in front of the desired object. In addition to mapping all possible places and locations, we also include hiking, biking and hiking trails in the application, we offer virtual touristic voyages and much more.

As the app is now in beta, later on, users will be able to get much more information about the world around them, for example, finding out where fuel is cheaper, which money exchange office has the best exchange rate and numerous other helpful pieces of information.

More information can be found on the website here.

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