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Dutch Tourist on the Search for Old Flame he Met on Croatian Coast 50 Years Ago

CroatiaA 67-year-old Dutch national is on the search for an old flame whom he met on the Croatian coast nearly 50-years ago…

In the summer of 1964, Martin Hendriks was on a camping holiday on Croatia’s Adriatic coast when he met and fell for Nada Medžić.

“When our eyes met, I could not take my eyes off her, she fascinated me so much, and I saw she was also staring at me. I got the courage to go up to her and ask if I could sit by her. I remember thinking to myself: “God, how beautiful, so graceful and such beautiful blonde hair!” We sat the whole night together,” remembers Martin, who says that they spent a wonderful six weeks together before he went back to Holland, and she went bacK to Ljubljana where she was living.

The pair kept in touch via letters throughout the following year and met again on the coast at a camping site where they spent a week together. When Martin was set to head off to Ljubljana the following winter to meet Nada, his father intervened, not wanting him to move to another country, but finish his studies and army service, he his Martin’s passport. Contact began to fade with Nada and as the years went by they went their separate ways and lost touch.


Martin back in the era when he met Nada

Martin went on to become a professor of natural sciences and got married and had 2 kids. His wife has since passed away, and his children are now 37 and 35 years old. Martin’s search for his old flame will be broadcast on Dutch television in October in a series titled ‘Memories’.

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