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Dubrovnik Looking at Opening Film Studios

Dubrovnik (photo credit:  Diego Delso - Commons)

Dubrovnik (photo credit: Diego Delso – Commons)

After the mega-popular HBO series Game of Thrones, Star Wars and possibly James Bond filming in Dubrovnik, the southern Croatian city is becoming somewhat of a mecca for filming…

The popularity of the Dalmatian tourist city has forced city officials into contemplating opening a film studio just outside the famous stone-walled city. According to Dubrovnik’s Mayor Andro Vlahušić, the idea to open a film studio, which will enable the production of films and series, has the backing of authorities in Croatia.

“The story around Dubrovnik becoming a real mecca for films has the support of the Ministry of Culture and Embassy Films. There has always been an idea to open a film studio. We have analysed European film studios, and we know the advantages and disadvantages as well the price for filming in these studios. We have even found a number of locations in a 30km radius of Dubrovnik to build this studio,” Vlahušić told Dubrovački dnevnik.

Game of Thrones filming in Dubrovnik

Game of Thrones filming in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is currently experiencing ‘Star Wars’ mania with filming set to begin in the city in just over a week. Filming will take place for the most-watched film franchise in history from 9 – 20 March.

“We want Dubrovnik, and through it all of Croatia, to be recognised not only for its heritage but also by new technology. I realised that if Dubrovnik, as a city of culture and great historical value, and also as a famous tourist centre, wants to be the top spot in Croatia and the world then that will be best accomplished through film. Well done to sport, classic culture and the well-known politicians who come to the city, but from the experience that we have seen in the world, from Lord of the Rings and New Zealand, to Saint Tropez and Brigitte Bardot, the most powerful promotion lies in film,” Vlahušić said.

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