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Dejan Lovren to Build Retirement Home in his Hometown

Dejan Lovren (Instagram)

Croatian World Cup defender Dejan Lovren has gone to his hometown last night and treated to a big welcome party.

The welcome parties seem to be going on and on for the Liverpool FC centre-back. After welcome parties in Zagreb with the rest of the squad and then in Karlovac where he grew up, Lovren on Thursday was welcomed in Kraljeva Sutjeska in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Although Lovren was born in a hospital in Zenica, his family is from Kraljeva Sutjeska. His parents still live in Kraljeva Sutjeska and last night hundreds of locals came out to welcome him.

“For me, there are 550,000 people here (like in Zagreb), that is how much this means to me, thank you. Honestly, I feel like I am on Trg Ban Jelacic in Zagreb in front of that many people,” Lovren said, before revealing he was about to invest in the town.

“I can proudly say that I will build a retirement home here! It is the least I can do for these dear people….Kraljeva Sutjeska, thank you for the beautiful welcome last night,” Lovren said.

Kraljeva Sutjeska, which is in Kakanj, hosts a number of important historical sites such as the 14th century Catholic Franciscan monastery and Bobovac, the residency of the Bosnian kings during medieval times. Lovren visited his grandmother while he was there.

Lovren recently built a hotel on the island of Pag and has other invested business interests including a clothing label.

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