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Damir Kedžo to represent Croatia at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam

Damir Kedžo will represent Croatia (Photo: HRT/Screenshot)

OPATIJA, 29 February 2020 –  Damir Kedžo will represent Croatia at this year’s Eurovision song contest in Rotterdam after he won Dora 2020 on Saturday night in Opatija.

The Dora music festival was used to select Croatia’s Eurovision representative from 1993 until 2011 before Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT) took over the selection process. Dora returned last year and after a jury and public vote tonight, Kedžo was declared the winner with his song “Divlji vjetre”.

In second place was 17-year-old Mia Negovetić with her song “When It Comes To You”.

Kedžo (32) started his career in 2003 by participating in Story Super Nova Music Talent Show, he became more well known in Croatia after winning the third season of Tvoje lice zvuči poznato, the Croatian version of Your Face Sounds Familiar.

Kedžo now heads to Eurovision 2020 to represent Croatia, which will be the 65th edition of the song contest and will take place from 12-16 May.

This year’s Dora contestants were:

  1. Elis Lovrić – Jušto
  2. Bojan Jambrošić – Više od riječi
  3. Edi Abazi – Coming Home
  4. Zdenka Kovačiček – Love, Love, Love
  5. Alen Vitasović & Božidarka Marija Čerina – Da se ne zatare
  6. Đana – One
  7. Aklea Neon – Zovi ju mama
  8. Nikola Marjanović – Let’s Forgive
  9. Lorenzo feat. Dino Purić & Reper iz sobe – Vrati se iz Irske
  10. Marin Jurić Čivro – Naivno
  11. Lorena Bućan – Drowning
  12. Indira – You Will Never Break My Heart
  13. Jure Brkljača – Hajde nazovi me!
  14. Colonia – Zidina
  15. Mia Negovetić – When It Comes To You
  16. Damir Kedžo – Divlji vjetre

Croatia has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 25 times since making its debut at the 1993 contest. Croatia’s best result in the contest is fourth-place finishes in 1996 (Maja Blagdan) and 1999 (Doris Dragović).

Below is the winning song which will represent Croatia in May at Eurovision 2020.

Mia, who finished second, with her performance on the night.

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