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Culinary Adventure Week in Zagreb with Roko’s Blueberries

Till 17th of July, do not miss terrific desserts and treats featuring Roko’s blueberries…

This week, Zagreb’s gastronomy scene is enriched by several new and interesting dishes made with blueberries. This is the result of excellent cooperation between Roko’s blueberries and famous local restaurants and pastry shops in the Croatian capital whose chefs designed unique dishes and tasty desserts made of blueberries as a mandatory seasonal ingredient especially for this occasion.

Roko’s blueberries found themselves in new adventures and recipes and have bravely jumped on selected menus to make your bellies happy for the week.

Until Sunday 17th of July, you can enjoy them at restaurants RougeMarin (Folnegovićeva 10), Bistro 75 (Preradovićeva 34), Mundoaka Street Food (Petrinjska 2) and Green Hut (Zelinska 7) and pastry shop Amélie (Varšavska 6) in the form of refreshing cocktails, creamy mousses, delicious vegan dishes, summer salads, smoothies, puddings and cakes.

You can check out more info about Roko’s blueberries here

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