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Croats Not Interested In Moving Cities For Work

Despite the large unemployment rate in Croatia, Croats are not too keen to move away from home for work, according to Croatia’s Deputy Minister of Labour and Pension System Tatjana Dalic after releasing data from the nations Employment Service.

Out of 370,000 unemployed in Croatia, just 6,300 people were prepared to move to another city in Croatia for work, whilst just 3,300 people would move to another country to find a job.

“The biggest problem on the Croatian labour market is mobility, not just the employed, but the unemployed and employees,” said Dalic. Croats are generally not prepared to relocate for work therefore decreasing their chances of finding work. According to analysts, not much will change either when Croatia enters the EU.

Poland also had a similar reluctance to relocate for work, but millions left for the UK soon as they joined the EU to chase the British pound. Croats who maybe keen to follow suit like the Poles and relocate to the UK for work once Croatia joins the EU will have to wait at least 7 years until restrictions are lifted.

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