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Croatia’s Roland Vlahović dominates World Ship-Modelling competition

Croatia’s Roland Vlahović dominates World Ship-Modelling competition

Roland Vlahović (Photo credit: Karlo Čargonja)

RIJEKA, 23 September 2021 – Croatia’s Roland Vlahović has dominated the World Ship-Modelling Competition 2021 which was held this past weekend in Rijeka.

Vlahović won 4 gold and 4 silver medals at the competition which ended on Sunday in the Croatian port city, Poduckun.net reported.

At this year’s World Ship-Modelling Competition, 181 model ships from participants from Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Croatia were evaluated, of which 62 won gold medals, 61 silver and 44 bronze.

The competition was held according to the rules of NAVIGA in section C which has eight classes — C1 – models with oars and sailboats, C2 – models of motor boats, C3 – models of installations, parts of ships, port facilities, parts of ports, parts of shipyards and equipment, C4 – miniature models of ships class C1 to C3 in the ratio 1: 250 or less, C5 – ships in bottles, C6 – plastic models, C7 – cardboard and paper models, C8 – models from the assembly kit. 

The award for the best model went to Serhii Yavorskyi from Ukraine with the model “Heavy cruiser Takao”.

Of the Croatian representatives at this year’s competition, the most medals were won by Vlahović, who was awarded four gold and four silver medals in the C2 category for the “Warship SMS Viribus Unitis” model (1:45) with a gold medal in the C3 model category. “Ship sloops HMS Pegasus” (1:40) and “Sailing ship L’Marante” (1:36) with gold medals, in category C6 for model “Warship Scharnhorst” (1: 350) with gold medal, in category C2 for model ” Destroyer Split “(1: 100) with a silver medal, in the C3 category for the” Naval Cutter HMS Alert “model (1:30) with a silver medal, in the C6 category for the” Protected cruiser Varyag “model (1: 350) with a silver medal and in the C7 category for the model “Battleship Borodino” (1: 200) with a silver medal.

Among other Croatian representatives, Mili Šantić was awarded a bronze medal in the C1 category for the Sailing ship Trabakul model (1:30), Branimir Šoić a bronze medal in the C1 category for the Schooner Angelo Custode model (1:40), and Željko Fredotović in the category C1 for the model “Fishing boat Gajeta Falkusa” (1:20) with a bronze medal, Mile Bijelić in the category C1 for the model “Sailing ship HMS Royal Caroline” (1: 135) with a gold medal and Igor Petrović in the category C6 for the model “Type VII Submarine ”(1:72) with a bronze medal.

The best model ships were evaluated by judges Martin van Gelderen (chief judge), Daniel Ciosu, Lucian Dan, Evgeni Genov, Giuseppe Giraldi, Vladim Goshko, Dmitrij Kalmykov, Mladen Mitić, Maciej Poznanski and Željko Skomeršić.

The World Ship-Modelling Competition 2021 was organised by the Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka and the Croatian Association of Ship Modellers under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Croatia Zoran Milanović, with the support of the Ministry of Science and Education, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and the City of Rijeka.

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