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Croatia’s most beautiful stamps revealed 

Winners of the most beautiful Croatian postage stamps revealed

(Croatian Post)

The stamp featuring the impressive Pelješac Bridge has claimed the top spot in this year’s selection for the most beautiful postage stamp in Croatia for 2022.

Zagreb, May 16, 2023 – Stamp enthusiasts from Croatia and around the world have cast their votes in the competition for the most beautiful postage stamp issued in Croatia in 2022. 

The majority of votes were given to the commemorative stamp featuring the new architectural masterpiece in Croatia, the Pelješac Bridge. 

The stamp was released on the day of the bridge’s grand opening, July 26, 2022. 

The designer of the stamp is Dean Roksandić, a designer from Zagreb, based on a photograph taken by Mario Babarović, a photographer from Dubrovnik. 

Croatian Post release new commemorative Pelješac Bridge stamp 

(Photo: Croatian Post)

The second-place winners are the commemorative stamps from the “Europe” series, featuring stories and myths as a common theme.

The motif of the Croatian stamps is the mythological Tree of the World from ancient Croatian mythology, designed by Zdenko Bašić, a multimedia artist, author, and illustrator from Zagreb. 

The Tree of the World - an old Croatian myth about the structure of the universe - on Europe stamp series

(Croatian Post)

The third-place award went to the commemorative postal block featuring the impressive formation flight of the Krila Oluje aerobatic group’s airplanes. The designer of the postal block is Orsat Franković, a designer from Zagreb, and the photograph was taken by Captain Darko Belančić, the leader of the Krila Oluje aerobatic group.

(Photo: Croatian Post)

For the 26th consecutive year, Croatian Post has conducted the selection for the most beautiful postage stamp issued in Croatia in the previous year. This year’s competition, which focused on the stamps issued in 2022, took place from March 20 to April 28. 

Voters had the option to cast their votes by mail using voting slips or online through the posta.hr website.

For voters who participated by mail and took part in the “Choose the Most Beautiful Stamp – Win Valuable Prizes!” sweepstakes, a total of 10 prizes were up for grabs. The lucky winners were drawn on May 11, 2023. The names of the winners can be found on the Croatian Post website.

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