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Croatia’s Free Electronic Books project surpasses 4 million users

Croatia's Free Electronic Books project surpasses 4 million users

ZAGREB, 7 Feb (Hina) – The project Free Electronic Books had more than 4 million users at the end of 2021, after 20 years of existence and nearly 300 titles, of which more than 250 are written by contemporary Croatian authors. 

In 2021, a record 31 titles were published as part of the project, and of the 298 titles published to date, 264 are currently available on the project website.

Last year’s titles were published with the financial support of the City of Zagreb, the City of Rijeka and the Ministry of Culture and Media.

According to data provided by the Google Analytics service, last year the project website registered 243,250 users, who read 1208,869 e-books online and downloaded another 68,629 e-books, which means that users read and/or downloaded a total of 197,498 e-books in 2021.

The most read fiction book in 2021 was the novel “Sloboština Barbie” by Maša Kolanović (4,599 readers), followed by Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden” (3,788) and the novel “Tuđi život” (Someone Else’s Life) by Marina Vujčić (3,014).

The most read poetry book was “Tri jeseni” (Three Autumns) by Anna Akhmatova (2,357).

As many as 48 titles had more than a thousand readers last year, said the Society for Promoting New Media Literature.

At the end of 2021, the project surpassed 4 million users, which is nearly 200,000 per year, and books were read and/or downloaded 2,336,009 times, which means that each title had over 7,800 users on average.

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