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Croatia’s confectionery market: Three companies hold lion’s share

Croatia's confectionery market: Three companies hold lion's share

ZAGREB, Dec 15 (Hina) – The Kras, Kandit and Zvecevo companies make up 97% of the confectionery industry in Croatia, according to data presented by the Financial Agency (Fina).

In 2019, there were 22 enterprises in the industry of cocoa, chocolate and candy products, or two more than in 2018.

Those 22 enterprises employed 2,338 workers or 4.1% more on the year.

In 2019, the total revenues of those businesses amounted to HRK 1.29 billion, or 7.5% less than in 2018.

Their expenditures fell 2.8% to HRK 1.293 billion.

The profit made by profitable businesses in that branch totalled HRK 9.8 million, while the losses of loss-making enterprises amounted to HRK 16.4 million. As a result, the net loss of 6.5 million kuna on aggregate was registered in Croatia’s industry of cocoa, chocolate and candy products last year, according to Fina’s statistics.

Their exports totalled HRK 517.2 million in 2019, down 1.7% from 2018.

The average monthly take-home pay per employee in the confectionery industry was HRK 6,097, a rise of 1.5% from 2018.

Kras, one of the three flagship companies, had revenues in the amount of HRK 890.7 million and employed 1,527 workers in 2019. The average monthly wage in that company was HRK 7,203.

The Zagreb-based factory wrapped up 2019 with HRK 7.5 million in the green.

Kandit, based in Osijek, reported HRK 264.8 million in revenues, and HRK 1.7 million in net profit for 2019.

Zvecevo, headquartered in the western Slavonian city of Pozega, had revenues in the amount of HRK 93.9 million and reported a loss of 15 million kuna.

(€1 = HRK  ‎7.544460)

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