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Croatia’s Aquapark Istralandia proclaimed world’s 4th best water park

Istralandia Aquapark worlds best water park

(Photo: Aquapark Istralandia)

More positive news for Istralandia Aquapark in Brtonigla, Croatia. This time it has come from Park World Magazine who has recognised and awarded the Istrian water park for successful work in the 2020 tourist season. 

The winners of the 2020 World Amusement Park Excellence Awards established by Park World Magazine, the world’s amusement park news agency, were announced during the Park World Excellence Awards ceremony on Tuesday. 

Istralandia Aquapark was recognised in the best experience in a water park category by an international evaluation commission composed of Aleath Ezra, Duncan Phillips, Emmanual Mongon, Francois Mayne, Nicole Rojo, Marcus Gaines, Marek Pisarski, Phil Taylor, and Richard Pawley. 

In assessing the attractions and slides of all the world’s water parks, the commission took into account the experience of riding in an indoor or outdoor attraction, the excellence of attractions (eg wave pool, surf simulator, etc.) or the experience provided by the water park as innovation and the uniqueness of each attraction or slide. 


1.Banzai, Twister, Thunder & Anakonda, Aquapark Fala, Lodz, Poland supplied by Pol-Glass (Poland) and Van Egdom (The Netherlands) 

2.FlowRider Double, Surf House Helsinki, Finland supplied by WhiteWater West (Canada) and FlowRider® (USA)

3.High Five, Aqualand Moravia, Pasohlavky, the Czech Republic supplied by WhiteWater West (Canada) 

4.Rangnakor, Rulantica, Germany supplied by ProSlide (Canada)

5.Space Combo, Aquapark Istralandia, Brtonigla, Croatia supplied by Polin Waterparks (Turkey)

6.Splash Course at Palomaqua, Antalya, Turkey supplied by Polin Waterparks (Turkey)

7.Vinterhal at Rulantica, Germany supplied by ProSlide (Canada) 

The winner of the 2020 best attraction was Vinterhal Rulantica, Rust, Germany by supplier ProSlide (Canada), while the Space Combo Toboggan at Istralandia Aquapark, Brtonigla was declared the 3rd best water slide in the world. 

The following outdoor and indoor water parks were nominated for doing something exceptional in the past 12 months that exceed the usual standards.

1.Aquapark Istralandia, Brtonigla, Croatia 

2.Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, Dubai, UAE

3.Suntago Water Park,Wrecza,Poland 

4.Rulantica, Rust, Germany

5.Sandcastle Waterpark, Blackpool, UK

6.Siam Park, Tenerife, Spain

7.Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The title of the best indoor water park in 2020 went to Rulantica in Germany whilst Aquapark Istralandia in Croatia was proclaimed the 4th best outdoor water park in the world. 

Istralandia Aquapark worlds best water park

(Photo: Aquapark Istralandia)

“We would like to thank all the employees as well as the partners of Aquapark Istralandia who, with their selfless efforts and cooperation, made this another in a series of world awards. The obligation is all the greater that in the next season, the Istralandia Team will maintain the high standards of excellence and innovation that distinguish us from all these past business seasons,” the water park said in a statement. 

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