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‘Croatianstyle’ Presents $2 Million Sneaker Collection

Andre Ljustina, who is one of the most well-known sneaker collectors and aftermarket sellers in U.S, has presented this month his impressive collection of sneakers as part of his Project Blitz’s RETROspective show…

Andre, who is better known in the game as ‘Croatianstyle’, has a collection of sneakers from over the last 15 years that is believed to be worth over 2 million USD. More than 3,000 of Croatianstyle’s collection, including rare adidas, Nike, Jordan and Vans sneakers, were on display at his RETROspective pop-up event in Los Angeles.

“I wanted to create a retrospective of sneakers, curated by myself, showing my collection. What it really shows is the sneaker history from the ‘90s until now and you were able to see from what was there what I bought heavy from certain years. You could see the curve from how I was into Air Forces and Dunks and all the different styles from my collection,” Andre told Hypebeast, before continuing.

“The purpose of doing the event was to finally take away from the corny sneakerhead aspect of the culture that was going on. I wanted to do something where people from different demographics and different worlds could become interested in sneakers and not look at it as some corny stuff.”

Visitors to the event had the chance to see some very rare sneakers, including sneakers from the film Space Jam (1996), Jordan’s which have not yet been released, and a pair worth around 60,000 USD.

Catch the video report from RETROspective pop-up event below and get to know more about Andre.



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