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Croatians Present Grunner X – World’s First Smart Bike

Grunner X

After the introduction of their electric bicycle prototype, Croatian company Mobile Vehicle Technology presents to the world a huge revolution in transport – Grunner X.

This bicycle, after prototype Grunner MA1, comes as a version that is adventure – oriented cycling with state of the art performance and functionality.

Maximum speed of this vehicle, which should be called bicycle just because of its construction, is up to 45 kilometers per hour, it has up to 2.500 charging and discharging cycles of battery package and it should be pointed out that it has automatic recognition of approaching vehicles which will alert the driver through vibrations in the steering wheel.

Grunner X

With development of “Vehicle Optimization System” technology it became possible to save up to 35 percent of energy needed for this bicycle so Grunner X has imposing autonomy of 350 kilometers reach with one charging.

Grunner X

Grunner X

As comparison, that is two times more than other commercial models of electric bicycles. Smart bicycle has been developed from platform for machine learning and artificial intelligence “Evolved Modular Mainframe“ and it is special because of its never before used technologies for this transport means.

Grunner X

High-tech solutions for managing with Universus module makes it possible for users to have supervision and management over bicycles via smartphone.

Grunner X is constantly connected to internet and its sends 57 different parameters to “cloud” platform for driving optimization and foreseeing of potential problems. Goal of this functions is to further raise the bar for product quality and safety of driving. By using “smart” functions of bicycle every user can share his experience and routes of travel through unique Gcloud platform. Both makes it possible to manage bicycle from any part of the world, also insight in all real-time parameters on it and ability to suggest trending locations in users proximity.

Competitive aspect of this transport means is enhanced with “machine to machine” technology, with connecting 2 or more bicycles it is possible to compete on terrains with different difficulties, on different locations, which is improved thanks to system for terrain analysis and driving adjustments.

Company does not intend to stop on this degree of development of Grunner X platform, so we can announce soon to be released platform Grunner Senses. It’s a unique platform which makes it possible to experience emotions of driving via internet. User will be able to experience driving on famous world sites, such as Chinese wall, through VR glasses.

Grunner X has managed, considering all of the innovations, to keep acceptable price range of 6000 euros which is almost two times less than other electric bicycles on market at the moment.

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