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Croatians Create App that Maps Global Free Drinking Water Sources

Freewa maps global sources of free drinking water

Croatians create an application that maps global sources of clean, free drinking water.

This week Croatian startup Freewa launched an Indiegogo campaign aimed at gathering funds for project development and invited people to report in well-known sources of drinking water.

Two trucks of plastic end up in oceans each minute, which has a dangerous impact on the environment and therefore on human health.

Despite the fact that Croatia is known as one of the largest European and world drinking water oasis, people still pay for bottled water, which in just the production and distribution of five bottles, consumes many non-renewable energy sources and releases large amounts of greenhouse gases, and loses water quality.

Croatia known for its water sources

A team of Croatian design, marketing, and sales professionals have gathered to form Freewa, and have created tools to help people access free drinking water and thus contribute to reducing plastic waste and environmental protection.

Freewa is actually an ecological water bottle and mobile application that can be used to locate the nearest drinking water, whether it is a natural source or public.

Freewa glass eco bottle & felt bag are made by five recycled plastic water bottles, to further reduce the amount which ends in the seas, and can also become an original souvenir.

Everyone is able to get involved in the worthy project via the Indiegogo campaign. People are also invited to located and register free drinking water sources via the app.

The Freewa team is made up of Marko Rašić, Vedrana Vrabec, Goran Ladišić and Mihaela Ivanec.

Marko and Vedrana are Designers and Art Directors with 13 years of experience in interdisciplinary projects and multimedia, and internationally awarded cultural programs. Goran spent years on management positions in large companies. Mihaela is a lawyer with a background in tourism and real estate.

“What connects us all? Love for nature, a firm belief that we need to protect this beautiful planet and preserve it for our children, and an idea that every human being has the right to receive the gifts that nature had given us. Like clean water. This is what brought us together and how Freewa project came to life.”

The Freewa team: Goran Ladisic, Vedrana Vrabec, Mihaela Ivanec and Marko Rasic.

Check out their video below:

More about the campaign and how to help HERE.

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