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Croatian Wins Best Actor Award In Brussels

Well known Croatian film and theatre actor Rene Bitorajac has won the Best Actor Award at the 12th Mediterranean Film Festival in Brussels last night for his role in the hit Croatian film Vegetarian Cannibal directed by Branko Schmidt.

Bitorajac plays ambitious and amoral gynaecologist Danko Babic at Croatia’s leading fertility clinic. When his colleague is appointed as head of the clinic, Babic starts a secret war to overthrow his rival. Distracted by his ruthless campaign he makes series of fatal mistakes that result in the death of a patient. A crooked coroner and a corrupt police officer cover up his misdeeds, while Babic grows increasingly dependant on drugs and alcohol. He begins performing illegal abortions on prostitutes who work for Jedinko, a gangster who controls the local drug and sex trade. When a prostitute dies following a botched abortion, the police become suspicious but Babic’s dodgy contacts save him once again by destroying evidence.

Vegetarian Cannibal will also represent Croatian cinema in the selection process of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for Oscar award in the Best Foreign Film category, reported Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

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