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Croatian TV Station Accuse Americans of Plagiarism

Croatia’s state-owned television station Hrvatska Radio Televizija (HRT) have accused an American company of plagiarizing its graphics and opening credits to its prime time evening news programme.

Rampant's offer

Rampant’s offer

HRT have accused American firm Rampant design, who sell visual templates, of ripping off its design for HRT’s main evening news bulletin. Rampant are offering the template for just 10 USD and HRT are not happy about it. HRT revamped its graphics and intro for its main evening news programme in May 2009, and say that the design and logo is 100% the property of its design department, reports portal Index.hr.

Rampant’s 10 USD template is identical to HRT’s and bosses at the Croatian TV station are accusing the Americans of plagiarism and have promised to investigate the best way they can protect their intellectual property. Rampant is no back street company, having worked with TV stations such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN, MTV, and VH1.

HRT's graphics

HRT’s graphics

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