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Croatian Travel Festival – Šibenik 2014

CTFThe 3rd Croatian Travel Festival, organised by the Croatian Travel Club, will be held this year in the Dalmatian town of Šibenik from 15 – 18 May…

During the 4-day festival well-known Croatian travel writers, including Goran Jovic, Vedran Vidak, Rosette Bogeljić, Goran Subasic – Large Gogo, Sinisa Glogoški, Nenad Vlahovic, Hrvoje Juric, Mislav Mironović, Eager Rakela, Leo Lemešić, Uros Krcadinac, Jasen Boko, Boris Veličan, Tomislav Perko and Nicolas Dodig will sharing their experiences collected on their travels around the world.

In addition to lectures, the festival offers a host of educational side events, such as advice for those wanting to study abroad. The festival will again have a humanitarian element, through the „Involve me and I’ll understand“ project, and there will be a chance to win prizes for the best travel blog, best photograph, best video, best project and traveler of the year at year.

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