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Croatian Tractor Company Signs Supply Deal With Russia

Croatian tractor producing company Hittner have signed a deal on Wednesday to supply agricultural tractors to Russian company Agat.

Hittner director Stjepan Hittner and Agat’s Vladimir Korytov have agreed that the Croatian company from Bjelovar will supply the Russians with at least 100 tractors per month, with plans for those numbers to triple in the future. It was also agreed that Agat will invest capital in the future in Hittner’s production and also transfer technology.

foto: Hittner.hr

foto: Hittner.hr

“We have a great opportunity to break into the Russian market and gain access to cutting edge technology that can improve and develop production in our plants. Besides agricultural equipment, Agat produces parts for the aviation industry, including equipment forMiGs, “Hittner said upon signing the contract.

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