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Croatian town of Vrgorac bans single-use plastics

Vrgorac (Photo credit: Dreizung/under CC)

VRGORAC, 20 January 2020 – The Croatian town of Vrgorac, located in the Dalmatian hinterland, has banned the use of single-use plastics in local institutions.  

On Monday, Vrgorac Mayor Ante Pranic gave the directors of local government institutions instructions on banning the use plastic packaging in institutions as well as at city events. Plastics will be replaced by glass and biodegradable paper packaging, Hina reports.  

All directors and managers of town institutions, who were gathered this morning by Pranic, were also given instructions on stopping the consumption of bottled water at work meetings at the local council. Instead, water in glass jars from the city water supply network should be served in the future.

All establishments in Vrgorac will receive special waste disposal containers by Friday to separate the collected paper.

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