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Croatian Tourist Board director: ‘All in all, tourism did well in 2020, better results possible in 2021’

HTZ director: All in all, tourism did well in 2020, better results possible in 2021


ZAGREB, Dec 21 (Hina) – Over 54 million overnight stays generated this year, which is 50% of last year’s results, are proof that the tourism has done well after all in the pandemic 2020, and that experience is also a good foundation for 2021, which could bring better results, the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) head said.

In conversation with Hina, Kristjan Stanicic recalled that in most of Europe, as well as in other countries, rigorous restrictions on movement, travel and cross-border travel were in place, and organising events for Advent, which had attracted a lot of tourists in previous years, was currently not possible.

December turnover significantly lower than in previous years

Stanicic added that tourism had not stopped, as shown by eVisitor data which records activity in about 200 hotels, 20 cam sites and more than 1,600 holiday dwellings, but with a significantly lower turnover than in December of previous years.

“Those are establishments currently accommodating at least one tourist, and according to announcements some will be open for holidays, expecting more domestic tourists,” he said.

2020 experience good basis for 2021

According to him, the year is ending in the same way as it has been since March under the influence of the pandemic, demanding constant rapid changes and adaptation to new circumstances.

As a key factor in 2020, Stanicic underscored “the cooperation with all relevant stakeholders, from national to local civil protection teams, police and diplomacy, to foreign and domestic partners and the media so that accurate, precise and complete information could reach everyone”.

He thinks that the gained experience was a good foundation for 2021, because its beginning would certainly be marked by the intensity of anti-epidemic measures.

Spring could see better results with vaccination

According to Stanicic, in the winter months of 2021, no one, not even in Croatian tourism, can hope for more significant tourist activities, perhaps only from spring.

“With the arrival of nice weather, a more favoruable epidemiological situation is expected, and thus more travel, especially ‘last minute’ and with demand for secure and quickly and easily available destinations,” he said, adding that the start of vaccination is also expected to have a positive effect.

Generally speaking, he said, better results can be expected in 2021 than this year, and he believes that Croatia will retain the position of one of the leading destinations in the Mediterranean, which will be highlighted in HTZ’s campaigns and activities.

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