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Croatian Suing Italy’s Education Ministry

A young Croatian, who has lived for almost 20-years in Italy, is suing the Italian Ministry of Education for discrimination. The straight-A chemistry student was refused the right to apply for a job as a teacher advertised by the Ministry, which employes over 11,000 teachers, reports Croatian daily Novi list.

The decision has even upset the Italian Civil Rights Organisation, who believe the young Croat was a victim of discrimination, even though the advertisement was open to Italian citizens and also those from the European Union.

“We wrote to the Ministry of Education and asked them why it was only open to Italian citizens, but we have not had an answer. We have taken it to the Courts in Rome, seeking the public advertisement to be decleared discriminatory,” said the young girl’s lawyer Daniela Consoli, adding that the state can not stop one person from working just because they do not have Italian citizenship.

“This young woman has developed in Italy, and now the time has come for her competencies and capabilities to be made available to the entire community. It is not in the interest of our country that it refuses to accept  her contribution,” Consoli told Italian media.

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