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Croatian Students To Grill Astronauts In Space

28 Croatian students will communicate with astronauts for just over 10 minutes at the International Space Station on Wednesday by asking them one question each. The project is organised by the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station, the International Amateur Radio Union and the space agencies of the EU, the U.S., Canada, Russia and Japan, to coincide with Croatia’s EU entry.

Below are the 28 questions the students from Croatia’s Technical School Ruder Boskovic will ask the astronauts on the International Space Station whilst it is flying over Zagreb at a speed of 27,000 kilometers per hour at an altitude of 450 kilometers.

1. How did you get to the space station? How long did the trip there take?
2. How long is the training program for astronauts? Is the training hard?
3. How long are the preparations before going into space?
4. How long will the International Space Station (ISS) mission last?
5. Is it difficult to manage the ISS?
6. How to you get enough water and power at the ISS?
7. How do you sleep at the ISS? Do you have your own bed?
8. What do you eat and what does your food look like? Do you have an eating plan
9. How do you maintain personal hygiene?
10. How does the body handle the long stay at the ISS?
11. How long does it take to go around the earth?
12. How do you maneuver the ISS if something from space comes close?
13. How often do you contact your family and in what way?
14. How do you treat yourself if you get sick?
15. What is the procedure in the case of solar storms?
16. How do you make exterior repairs to the space station?
17. What is your favourite pastime there?
18. What do you miss the most in space?
19. What are the most beautiful or the most inspiring view of the universe?
20. Would you like to be part of the first human mission on Mars?
21. What do you do in dangerous situations, such as when large meteors are approaching Space Station?
22. How do you get back to earth after the mission is complete?
23. Do you ever feel like you want to come home?
24. What was the hardest thing to get use to when you arrived on the ISS?
25. How long can a person stay in space for?
26. What is the temperature on the ISS? and what is it outside of it?
27. Is it difficult to manage such a valuable equipment?
28. Is it difficult to be an astronaut?

To hear the answers to the questions you can tune in here for the live feed from 19:30 (CET) on 26 June 2013.

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