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Croatian Startup Nominated for 2016 European Fintech Award

Oradian founders – Onyeka Adibeli, Andrew Mainhart , Antonio Separovic, Julian Oehrlein

Oradian founders – Onyeka Adibeli, Andrew Mainhart , Antonio Separovic, Julian Oehrlein

Zagreb-based startup Oradian has been nominated for the European Fintech Awards 2016 which means that Oradian is recognized among the most promising fintech companies in Europe…

Oradian began operations in its core market, Nigeria, and has since rapidly expanded into other countries across West Africa. Given the global demand and scalability of their products and services, Oradian is developing regional partnerships and planning roll-out across the rest of Africa, with Latin America, South and Central Asia to follow.

“The nomination for European FinTech Awards where we are nominated in the category of innovative software for banking, is a great recognition of our work. Only the most innovative companies with disruptive technology get a chance to present themselves to a global audience and this is an opportunity to present Instafin – our core banking platform for financial inclusion and the only core banking platform focused at microfinance. We hope that the public and the professional jury will both recognize the quality and the potential of our product,” said Antonio Separovic, Managing Director at Oradian.

The voting has started on Monday and it ends on the 15th of March 2016, while the winner will be announced on the 14th of April.

You can find out more about the awards and vote for Oradian by clicking here


Instafin being used on tablet

Instafin being used on tablet

About Oradian
Oradian is a dedicated and passionate team of technologists, financial experts and economic development specialists who have developed Instafin, an award-winning core-banking platform enabling financial inclusion. With a focus on West Africa, Oradian’s Instafin solves the very real challenges facing financial service providers at the base of the pyramid. Instafin digitally connects financial institutions and individuals at the base of the pyramid with each other and the global economy. Using the latest cloud-based technology, services and domain expertise, Oradian increases efficiency and effectiveness of financial intermediaries.

Oradian customers

Oradian customers

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