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Croatian Smart Room – Smart Hotel Investment

Hotel Park Rovinj

A Croatian innovation is creating a unique hospitality solution.

ADRIA Smart room by the Adria Electronic company is playing a significant technology role in impressive Croatian hotel investments in 2018.

Investments in tourism, especially in hotels, has been one of the major economic drivers of the Croatian economy over the last few years. Foreign hotel chains and local ones too are rapidly reshaping the image from the old fashion style hotel industry to a new modern and luxury one.

Technology is playing a significant role in all projects to meet demands and requirements of guests satisfaction and experience, along with hotel management business analytics and service improvement needs. Titles like smartphones, smart rooms, smart hotels, smart cities, even smart planet, are telling us that technology has become a part of our everyday life, so it is obvious that hospitality has to follow the same way and even to be one step ahead.

In terms of technology, Croatia has its own strong player in the “smart” hospitality market; Adria Electronic IT company from the city of Rijeka. Their smart room “ADRIA” has become the brand with the most market share in the smart room area in Croatia.

According to an article on portal Telegram.hr, more than 1.5 billion kuna will be invested in 16 ambitious hotel investments projects in 2018, with almost all of them generated by local hotel chain companies.
Most of these hotels use will use the “ADRIA” smart room system.

Hotel Park Rovinj

The three largest investments; Hotel Park Rovinj, (Adris Group), Hotel Girandella Rabac (Valamar), and Hotel Park Poreč (Plava Laguna) will see a total investment of 1 billion kuna, which makes up two-thirds of the total 1.5 billion kuna investment in Croatia in 2018. These three hotels all use “ADRIA” smart room.

Hotel Girandella Rabac (Valamar)

“For many years we are focused ONLY on our Smart room “ADRIA” research, development and support. We are adapting to our clients’ demands in every segment, from mobile access control, thermoregulation, sophisticated light control, along with integrations and connections to many other hotel systems. Our clients recognise our focus and dedication to progress. This is the reason why they consider our “ADRIA” smart room in almost all upcoming projects, and why we are expanding across Croatian border too” Adria Electronic says.

Hotel Park Poreč

Taking a look at their impressive reference list it could be concluded that “ADRIA” smart room is not only the smart hotel solution but obviously a smart hotel investment.

For more information, feel free to contact Adria Electronic – “ADRIA” Smart room consultant representative: [email protected]


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