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Croatian Smart Bench Just Got Smarter

Steora® Urban (Photo: Include)

Innovative Croatian company Include, manufacturers of ‘the world’s best smart street bench’, have presented a new model today.

“We present you the future of digital outdoor advertising. Steora® Urban – the most advanced street bench in the world. Designed for highly frequented areas such as city streets, squares and other urban locations,” Include, who already have more than 360 of their original Steora smart benches installed in 21 countries on 4 continents, said.

Steora® Urban

The highlighted feature of Steora Urban is a 19” super-bright LED display, which can be used for showing ads, videos, pictures or various info to the public (e.g. weather forecast).

Steora® Urban

“Through our advanced software, users can easily upload videos or pictures to chosen benches and set campaign duration and frequency. Video campaigns can also be connected to a Wi-Fi homepage, so that bench users can see the same campaign on their smartphones.”

Include founder and smart bench developer Ivan Mrvoš has been hugely successful since he developed and installed the first smart bench in his hometown of Solin in 2015.

The Include team (image: Include)

In the same year, Ivan and his friend sold and produced 25 benches for 3 countries and made a total revenue of €40.000, and now have expanded into 21 countries around the world, including Australia, Germany, Slovakia, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, USA, Qatar, Portugal, Dubai, Albania, and Montenegro.

Original smart bench in Rogoznica, Croatia (Photo: Include)

You can find out more about the new Steora® Urban and more of their products on their website https://www.include.eu/urban

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