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Croatian Scientist Discovers Cancer Cure Hope

Croatian scientist Iva Tolic-Norrelykke (38), has been credited for a discovery which will become the basis for new and different cures for cancer, infertility, and neurodegenerative diseases, writes daily newspaper 24sata.

Tolic-Norrelykke discovered, whilst working at the Max Planck Institute in Dresden, Germany, that filamentous proteins, which are responsible for dividing the chromosomes into two identical halves, do not grow directly toward the center of the chromosome, but wrap around the center of chromosomes. Tolic-Norrelykke observed in African yeast cells how microtubules make contact with the center of chromosomes.

“This discovery will be extremely important for the development of new cancer therapies. We studied yeast cells because they are a good model for research. Now that we know a new mechanism related to cell division, we can examine the extent to which it applies to human cells,” said Tolic-Norrelykke.

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