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Croatian red & white checker summer fashion

Croatian Fashion

by Lara V. 

This time last year the streets in Russia were filled with football fans wearing Croatian red and white checker clothing. The further Croatia went on in the tournament, the more people wearing red and white checkers would attract attention and support from other fans. 

There is a reason Croatia’s football kit has been voted one of the best in the world. Not only does it stand out, but there is something alluring about the red and white checkers. Famous fashion designer Marc Jacobs also thinks so. Jacobs recently released shoes and a bag bearing a striking resemblance to Croatia’s national symbol. 

If you want to show your Croatian colours this summer and wearing a football shirt is not your thing, then check out these fashion items. 


Startas CRO (Photo: Startas)

Croatia’s oldest shoe manufacturer, Borovo from the eastern city of Vukovar, have created Croatian flag-inspired Startas shoes. The Startas brand is one of their most popular and their canvas CRO and CROATIA models have been football fan favourites. 

Startas CROATIA (Photo: Startas)

More details where to find them here. 

CroatianSummers – CRO sunglasses/bandanas 

(Photo: CroatianSummers)

Designed by CroatianSummers and manufactured by Glofx, the Croatian red and white checkered design come on an eye-catching wayfarer frame. They also do a multi-purpose Croatian bandana which can be worn in 20+ different ways.

More details where to find them here or on Facebook here

CROkini swimsuits 

CROkini (Photo: Knölldoll)

The Croatian-style CROkini was released last month and has been extremely popular. There are three models available, two swimsuit models and one two-piece. All of the swimsuits are made exclusively from Italian lycra, but the rest of the process, from production to packaging is done in Croatia.

CROkini (Photo: Knölldoll)

More details where to find them here.

Marc Jacobs red & white checkers bag

(Photo: Marc Jacobs)

Something for the summer nights for the ladies. The mini crossbody bag features the red and white checkerboard, double J logo and removable straps for a chic clutch option. The compact bag is Marc Jacob’s best-selling Snapshot Small Camera Bag.

More details where to find them here.

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