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Croatian Post to Sell Domestic Products

Croatian Post now selling domestic produce

In an increasingly digital age, post offices are having to think outside the box to survive. Croatian Post has now started selling domestic products such as jams, ajvar and from local producers.

“Croatian Post recognises the need to develop domestic production, and in the offer of its new online shop, Yellow click, it has added a new category of original Croatian products “Click on local – products of our villages”, they said in a statement.

The latest project of co-operation with family farms, Croatian Post is helping bring small agricultural producers to customers throughout Croatia, encouraging rural development and helping family farms with the distribution of domestic products.

Ajvar (Photo credit: Lipik Tourist Board)

Currently, a large number of family farms sell their products only by personal means, either by phone, word of mouth or by e-mail. Only a small number of family farms own their own websites, and they are mostly just informative, without the ability to buy online.

Croatian Post offers all family farms a complete solution for online sales with Yellow click, distribution of products and customer support so small farmers can focus on what they know best – producing top quality domestic products.

Yellow click

In Croatian Post Office’s online store, you can find excellent domestic products from family farms. Currently, on the Yellow click webshop, there are six categories of domestic products:

1. Honey and jams
2. Teas
3. Natural cosmetics
4. Packaged processed products
5. Winter preserves
6. Olive oil

(Photo: mps.hr)

Croatian Post plans to extend the range as cooperation with more family farms increase.

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