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Croatian Post releases stamps you can listen to

Croatian Post new series of stamps you can listen to (Photo: Croatian Post)

Zagreb, May 7, 2019 – Croatian Post will release a ‘Europa’ series of commemorative stamps on May 9th. Birds are the theme of this year’s series of postal stamps issued by all European postal operators, and motifs on the Croatian stamps are the birds – Lastavica bregunica (European sand martin) and galeb klaukavac (Yellow-legged gull). 

What makes this series of commemorative stamps unique is the fact that you will be able to hear them by downloading the free application ‘Cee App’ (Google Play, App Store) on a smartphone. By scanning the stamp on the app the sounds of the Lastavica bregunica and galeb klaukavac will be played. The author of the series is Zagreb designer Luka Juras and the value of the stamps is 8.60 kuna.

(Photo: Croatian Post)

The stamps are issued in 20-stamp sheets with 300,000 copies per motif. The Croatian Post also issued a First Day Cover (FDC).


Lastavica bregunica (Photo: Croatian Post)

This species was first described in 1758 with its scientific name Riparia riparia meaning ‘of the riverbank’; it is derived from the Latin ripa “riverbank’. Bregunica’s wings and back are brown in colour, whilst its stomach is white. During flight it is constantly chirping and it also “talkative” while it is resting briefly in the trunks. 

Bregunica is a migratory bird which spends the winter in Africa – in Sub-Saharan areas and along the eastern coast of the African continent all the way to the South of Africa. In Croatia, it can be found near open areas along the water and in the wetlands of the rivers Mura, Drava, Sava, Danube and Neretva. This bird species is endangered, and the loss of humid habitats is the main cause of the decrease in its number. Listen to bragunica here

Galeb klaukavac

Galeb klaukavac (Photo: Croatian Post)

There are more than 50 types of species of seagulls in the world, and galeb klaukavac (Larus michahellis) in Croatia is a nesting bird. The galeb klaukavac is recognisable by its yellow legs, while the back and wings are grey. They eat fish, crustaceans and shells, and they will also scavenge. In order to feed, they come into settlements, as  well as deep into parts of continental Croatia. Many will gather together at places where there is waste disposal. Young galeb klaukavac can be found outside the Adriatic, and some fly even to the northern coast of Europe from where they return to the Adriatic. Listen to the galeb klaukavac here.

(Photo: Croatian Post)
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