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Croatian Police Prepare For Challenging Operation

Croatian police have been busy this week preparing at the nation’s Police Academy for one of their most challenging assignments.

The police will be charged with maintain security for the upcoming official EU entry celebrations which will be held in Zagreb later this weekend. More than 30 high-ranking government and EU officials from all over Europe will be in Zagreb for the formalities, and the police will be on high alert to ensure everything goes without a hitch.

Everything from extensive vehicle searching drills to simulated attacks and personal protections procedures are being carried out this week at the Academy, but the man in charge says the job will be treated just like all others.

“For the police there is no such thing as the ‘most challenging’ task, the police approach every task in the same way, but what we can confirm is that this is a very complex police task which will involve units from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the police and security services,” said the head of special security Zeljko Renic.

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