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Croatian Police Officers Get New Weapon

Pepper_spray_DemonstrationCommon already in many countries, now Croatian police offices will be armed on the streets in their fight against crime with a new weapon – pepper spray. In their holsters alongside their guns, police offices on the streets in Croatia will all now be armed with pepper spray.

Until now only police officers on special operations were given the spray, which contains a hot capsicum base and gas. ”I hope that the pepper spray assists police officers in their work, and that when it is used for coercive measures it will reduce the adverse consequences for citizens,” said police officer specialised in breaching the peace offences Ivica Vrbaslija to Nova TV.

”The consequences are short-term – up to 30 minutes. One should avoid hand contact with body parts that are affected with this spray and should be rinsed with plenty of water,” said Police officer Vlado Haramija.

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