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Croatian PM Visits Rimac HQ & Pledges Support

Mate Rimac with the PM on Monday (photo: Antonio Zavada/Twitter)

Mate Rimac with the PM on Monday (photo: Antonio Zavada/Twitter)

Croatian Prime Minister Tihomir Orešković has visited the impressive headquarters of innovators Rimac Automobili on Monday….

Rimac Automobili, which develops and produces high-performance electric vehicles, including the Concept One, the world’s first electric super car, drivetrains and battery systems, was founded by Mate Rimac.

Last month Rimac wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister explaining that his company, which started in his garage, now employs over 150 people and has plans to increase that number to 300 by the end of the year. Rimac went on to say that he had received a number of offers to move his headquarters overseas, including from the Middle East, UK, Germany, and Canada. Rimac believes there is an opportunity for the Croatian economy in the automotive industry and urged the PM to take advantage of the opportunity.

On Monday Orešković visited Rimac’s headquarters on the outskirts of Zagreb and after being impressed with what he saw, assured that the government would offer the company support.

Concept One

Concept One

“I did not know what to expect and Mr. Rimac really surprised me. Travelling around the world I have had the chance to see all sorts of technology. This is a miracle, top class technology. I saw innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit, which they say Croatia does not have. I congratulate Mr. Rimac,” Orešković said to N1, before adding.

“He has support from the government. This is the future.”

Both Orešković and Rimac agreed that the automobile industry provides Croatia with a great opportunity economically.

Rimac Greyp bike

Rimac Greyp bike

“I am glad that the Prime Minister came to see what can be done in Croatia. There are a lot of examples, and we are just one of the,” Mate Rimac said, adding that Croatia has huge potential in this industry.

“We discussed various ideas and strategies. One of them is a tax strategy, but we have to see what our neighbours are offering,” the PM said.

Rimac believes that Croatia can become a center of excellence and competence in new technologies.

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