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Croatian PM: Epidemiological situation much better, need to encourage going back to school

ZAGREB, May 21 (Hina) – Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Thursday said that the epidemiological situation is significantly better compared to the first recommendations for children to go back to school, encouraging parents to let their children go back to school.

Opening today’s cabinet meeting, Plenkovic said that the new recommendations for schools allowed a larger number of pupils in a classroom considering that the new situation was much better now and he sent a message to parents to be freely encouraged.

“I believe that the health minister, epidemiologists and representatives of the Croatian Public Health Institute  (HZJZ) encourage going back to school,” he added.

Reaching agreement with unions through talks

Plenkovic touched on the government’s negotiations with the state administration and public service unions, expressing convinced that through the talks next week a solution would be found that will “be to mutual benefit and satisfaction.”

He recalled that in “normal circumstances,” wages would have increased by 18.3% as of 1 October and by 23.5% in the education sector.

“In these circumstances, I think that it is good that we show a certain signal by deferring the agreed increase. I think that we on the trace of an agreement,” he claimed.

With regard to measures to offset the consequences of the 22 March quake and the call for applications advertised by the State Assets Ministry on financing rentals, Plenkovic announced that a special ministerial task force would visit the Cvjetno student dormitory and explain the procedure to citizens accommodated there how to apply for rentals.

He underscored that the funds have been secured and that everyone has the right to request an additional inspection by structural engineers for all those buildings that may have incurred further damage after the initial inspections had already been conducted.

Dignified living conditions as soon as possible

“In that regard we will do what we can so that our citizens can be given dignified living conditions as soon as possible,” he added.

He said that the ministries of construction and environment were working on a new call for applications for repairs to roofs, chimneys, condensing boilers which will enable citizens to have hot water.

An amount of HRK 8,000 will be granted to co-finance the procurement of new boilers.

He assessed that there was sufficient time for the election campaign and to organise the parliamentary election which has been called for July 5.

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