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Croatian Lino Lada wins world’s best ice cream award

Lino Lada (Photo: Fortenova grupa)

22 October 2019 – Lino Lada ice cream, produced by the largest Croatian ice cream manufacturer Ledo, has been named the best ice cream in the world by the International Ice Cream Consortium at an award ceremony in Sweden.

Lino Lada has been a popular spread for many years and it was transformed into an ice cream for the first time this year. The ice cream was created in cooperation with Podravka and was launched on the market in April. The first supplies sold out in just a few days, making the ice cream the most sought after in Croatia.

Ledo’s creativity and performance technology led the jury of experts to declare Lino Lada the best ice cream in the world.  

The jury of experts were delighted with the unique shape of the Lino Lada ice cream and the innovative soft coating, but what made this the best ice cream in the world was the experience of the Lino Lada spread that was successfully transferred into the ice cream, Novac.hr writes.

(Photo: Fortenova grupa)

“We are extremely proud of this award and the recognition by which Ledo ice cream has been recognised as the best ice cream in the world by the profession of global independent ice cream producers. This award is a further confirmation of the dedicated work of our employees, and especially of our development team, which successfully transforms their creative ideas into the finest ice creams and frozen products,” said Marin Poljak, CEO of Ledo, before adding.

“Every year Ledo tests and develops many different flavours of ice cream and combinations, always wanting to meet the demands of its consumers, because they are our first priority. Being the best in the world is a great honour, as is the obligation to continue to produce the highest quality ice creams in the future, which are also being driven globally by their technological solutions, innovations and creativity.”


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