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Croatian kettle chips to hit shelves around the world 

Croatian potato chips set to hit shelves around the world 

(Photo: Kanaan)

Croatian snack brand Kanaan will have their products on the shelves of the second largest retail chain in the world, Costco, which is headquartered in the US and generates revenues of 227 billion dollars a year.

Kanaan owner and director Zvonko Popović confirmed the news to Lider.hr.

“It is a great honour for us to have entered their stores through a customer for whom we create a brand. We currently have orders for Mexico, and by the end of the year we will have sales for the USA, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. In order to succeed in doing business with such a demanding customer, it is necessary to have a top-quality product, and we achieved this through our premium products, in this case kettle chips,” Popović told Lider.hr.

Explaining how much this business means to a Croatian company, Popović added that the opportunity for Croatian manufacturers on the world market is to sell products of the best quality, where the price of the product opens up opportunities for better business and thus further development.

In 2021, Kanaan generated revenues in the amount of 22.65 million euros, and in 2022, their revenues grew by about 20 percent compared to the previous year, to 27 million euros. This is mostly due to the increase in prices and sales of premium products with strong export growth due to the opening of new markets.

Croatian potato chips set to hit shelves around the world 

(Photo: Kanaan)

More than half of their sales are exports with a strong presence on the markets of Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia, but also with the opening of customers in France, Lithuania and Denmark. In total, they sold around eight thousand tons of different products in 2022, and their goal is to be close to that amount in 2023 as well.

Kanaan was founded in 1990 in Radikovci and since 2005 the factory is located in industrial zone Janjevci in Donji Miholjac.

Their product range contains more than 20 different snack products, with their most popular hand cooked chips, rice and popcorn snacks and peanuts.

Popović revealed to Lider that in the future they want to expand into higher category products, such as protein-added snacks and vegetable chips, whilst maintaining the quality of their core products.

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