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Croatian fighter jet purchase: Delegation to visit all bidders

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ZAGREB, Sept 22 (Hina) – A Croatian Defence Ministry delegation will visit all the bidders participating in the tender for fighter jets as part of the bid validation process, Defence Minister Mario Banozic told the press ahead of an inner cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

The press asked the minister about a military delegation visiting France as part of the bid validation process and whether they would also visit the bidders from the United States and Sweden.

“We are in touch with all the bidders who submitted their bids on September 9. During the validation period we are trying to get the best final offers,” the minister said, confirming that the ministry’s delegation would also visit the bidders in the US and Sweden.

Earlier this month the Defence Ministry had received bids from Sweden, USA, France and Israel.

Two bids are for new jets and two for used fighter jets. Norway had announced that it would bid but it withdrew as it could not fulfil the set criteria. Greece and Italy were not able to respond within the set deadline.

Croatian Army Chief of Staff Admiral Robert Hranj said that Sweden has offered its new Gripen C/D model, while the United States of America has offered its new F-16 block 70, France has offered its used Rafal model and Israel its used F-16 block 30 fighter jets. 

Once all the relevant bodies have inspected the procedure, it will be put to the cabinet for a final decision, Hranj concluded.


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