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Croatian fast food chain Surf’n’Fries opens new outlets in Dubai & Kuwait

(Photo: Surf’n’Fries)

The most successful Croatian franchise, Surf’n’Fries, continues to expand in the Middle East. 

After opening the first Surf’n’Fries outlet in Australia last month on Sydney’s Bondi Beach, with plans to open at least another 22 outlets there in the next 10 years, new outlets have opened in the Middle East. 

This month Surf’n’Fries opened new stores in Dubai and Kuwait. 

The new Dubai Surf’n’Fries is located at Global Village. Global Village Dubai combines 90 countries cultures at one place and claims to be the world’s largest tourism, shopping and entertainment project with over 5 million visitors every year. 

Surf’n’Fries new outlet in Dubai (Photo: Surf’n’Fries)

Also in November, Surf’n’Fries PopUp opened in Marina Mall, Kuwait. The mall is located in the heart of Salmiyah, Kuwait’s top retail commercial area. 

Kuwait Surf’n’Fries Pop Up (Photo: Surf’n’Fries)

Launched in 2009 in Croatia, Surf’n’Fries has expanded with franchises opening up all over the world, including in Germany, Austria, South Africa, Ireland, Norway, Vietnam and Iran.

Surf’n’Fries specialise in a range of various fries, from classic to crinkle wedges, to chocolate coated fries, as well as nuggets, wings, hot dogs and more. Surf’n’Fries also invented oil-free technology, which they claim solves the problem of notorious unhealthy fast food items by only using air to make fries, chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks and other Surf’n’Fries specialty products.

(Photo: Surf ‘n’ Fries)

Surf’n’Fries have 50 franchises in 16 countries around the world. There are plans to expand even further with outlets in India and America also expected to open soon. There are four different business models available, including mobile and trailer options.


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