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Croatian Electric Bike ‘Grunner’ Presented

Grunner MA1

After major success at the world’s biggest innovation exhibition held in April 2017 in Genève, Switzerland, Croatian company Mobile Vehicle Technology in cooperation with the first Croatian design company specialized in vehicle production and design – Absolute Design, presents to the market the first electric smart bike from the Grunner series of electric bicycles.

Grunner development team consists of multi-awarded Croatian innovator Ivan Golubic (21), a Croatian designer with experience in working with brands like Lamborghini and BMW, Dario Dropucic (37), and lawyer and manager from Zagreb with extensive experience in company leadership Luka Beban (38).

The two partner companies are establishing a Croatian brand of smart electric bicycles available on the International market. Grunner MA1 smart electric bicycle is developed in cooperation with domestic cyclists, everyday users, and professional athletes.

Grunner MA1

Grunner MA1 represents a unique bond between the video games industry and cycling. Its advanced possibilities like terrain simulation and route recording are just a part of the complete system.

Grunner MA1 is constructed for adrenaline off road rides and it can reach the speeds of over 50 km/h in all battery conditions due to the fact that it is equipped with advanced terrain analysis and electric motor managing system.

The specially designed battery pack’s management and control system enables Grunner to reach 100 km range at full speed while the range doubles in ECO mode. Gunner’s charging system supports standard 230V wall sockets that can fully charge Grunner in less than 45 minutes.

The battery pack is composed of a world-known manufacturer’s battery cells and monitored by advanced Battery management system (BMS) developed by Ivan Golubic, Head of the Development Department.

This configuration ensures long battery life (up to 6 years for over 80% of the manufacturer’s declared capacity), secure driving and maximum performance.

Grunner MA1 is equipped with standard mechanical pedaling system so it can be used as any other regular bicycle, as a bicycle with an electric assist or as a fully electric bicycle.

The design inspired by dinosaur’s skeleton was fully developed by Absolute design under the leadership of Dario Dropucic. It distinguishes itself with a modern approach, advanced aerodynamic and ergonomic abilities as well as clarity. Design solution bonds technical achievements and design what can easily be spotted on Gunner’s luminous system, specially created from aluminum with integrated LED lights.

Grunner MA1 is equipped with a 1KW regenerative braking system which enables braking and simultaneous energy storage and battery recharge without the loss of energy through heat dissipation while preserving hydraulic brakes at the same time.

Grunner is also equipped with Universus module which is available and compatible with most electric bicycle brands as well as classic ones. Module connects with smart phones, various in/out units, sensors and memory modules through Bluetooth connection in order to allow electric vehicle’s control, data managing and collecting of its information. Android powered application allows the use of the bicycle only with the correct login and password.

The electric bicycle is constantly connected to the Internet and communicates with the remote server developed by Mobile Vehicle Technology and Grunner team. Through the application, after pressing ‘Push to talk’ button, the user can control the lights, speed and other parameters by its voice.

The key element is Emma – Advanced Artificial Intelligence for vehicle control, information management, and data analysis. Emma provides safe driving, accident notification, danger area or situation analysis which data will be used for autonomous driving in upcoming projects.

Grunner Senses system represents a big step forward by enabling its users to send drive emotions over the Internet. By using the Senses system, a user can feel somebody else’s route in another country or even another continent or it can simply recall its own drive once again.

The bicycle equipped with Senses system can record not only a 360 degrees video of users route but also all the parameters of the terrain – elevation, resistance, temperature, etc.

Then the Grunner can be installed on its holder which is also a charger and the recorded route can be reproduced physically and visually using VR glasses. Grunner Senses users can compete with their friends and another Senses’ users on remote locations by connecting over the Internet.

Emma generates routes and missions based on user’s previous habits and enables him to relive and recreate every route, every race, etc. in a completely different way. Grunner Senses system is compatible with almost every other electric bicycle on the Market today.

The route recording can be shared with friends over unique Mobile Vehicle Technology’s User Area platform connected with major social networks. MVT UA platform includes functions for bike control over the Internet connection, locating and positioning system and data analysis.

Grunner MA1 electric bicycle will be available in mid-2017 with Switzerland, Germany, and Netherlands as countries with first deliveries.

The superb and detailed quality of the project is confirmed by presented awards and achievements with a Special Award from Taiwan’s Association of Innovators for the best innovation at Genève Innovations Exhibition as the most important one giving the fact that Taiwan is the place of the World’s biggest bicycle fair.

Except for the special reward, the Grunner won the Gold medal of the Genève Innovations Exhibition. 12 pre-orders for Grunner MA1 in a first day after the exhibition are actually the biggest reward there is.

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