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Croatian Dr. Dragan Primorac awarded prestigious American Academy of Forensic Sciences award

Dr. Dragan Primorac & AAFS president Susan Ballou (Photo: Ured Dragan Primorac)

21 February 2019 – Croatian pediatric medical doctor, forensic expert and geneticist, Dr. Dragan Primorac, has won a prestigious American Academy of Forensic Sciences award. 

Dr. Primorac is the recipient of the Mary E. Cowan Outstanding Service Award awarded by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences on 20 February in Baltimore. 

He was awarded by the academy for excellence, international recognition and vast contribution to the development of forensic science in the world.

Dr. Primorac is currently serving as Chair of the International Relations Committee of the United States Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS), President of the International Society of Applied Biology (ISABS), President of the Croatian Society for Human Genetics, Croatian Competitiveness Cluster of Personalised Medicine and the Thematic Innovation Council for Health and Quality of Life of the Republic of Croatia, Slobodna Dalmacija writes. 

Dr. Dragan Primorac and Luka Modrić (Photo: Dr. Dragan Primorac)

Dr. Primorac is one of the pioneers in DNA identification of skeletal human remains from mass graves. He authored close to two hundred scientific papers and abstracts in clinical and molecular medicine, genetics, forensic science, population genetics, genetic legacy of Homo sapiens and education, science and technology policy. 

In collaboration with the American Academy of Forensic Science and leading US healthcare institution the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Primorac has been organising scientific conferences in the field of personalised medicine, clinical and anthropological genetics, with leading world scientists including the Nobel Prize winners for more than 20 years in Croatia.  

The American Academy of Forensic Science, based in Colorado Springs, is the world’s most prestigious organisation for forensic science and has more than 7,000 members coming from 50 US states, Canada and 74 affiliated nations around the world. The Academy is attended by US Army, State Police, Justice Ministries, State Attorney’s Office, Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), judges, attorneys, and scientists from leading US scientific institutions and universities.

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