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Croatian diaspora needs to be Croatia’s bride

by Miki Bratanić

Due to local political relationships and interests, the Croatian diaspora is often presented as some kind of ‘foreign body’ which should not participate in Croatia’s social political life. 

Even the democratic human right of voting from the diaspora is permanently questioned and challenged. 

There are many reasons and causes for this behaviour. One of the most relevant is the historical Yugoslavian legacy which treated the Croatian diaspora as “emigration” in the form and meaning of “state enemy”, “outer enemy” or “underground”. 

The diaspora has been marked with a negative label for a long time, so this perception still remains in the collective public memory and in opinions of many. It is very important today to turn over this established false side of the diaspora face and show to the public the real one – as the ‘bride’ of Croatia.

croatia diaspora should be Croatia's bride

(Photo: Miki Bratanić)

Our nation should be introduced to how many Croatian emigrants reach success from zero, without any help, be it via political or personal relationships.

These individuals and groups deserve to be recognised as patriots and Croatian supporters, and internationally successful people, and this will help the education of our nation.

Croatia has to be introduced to Croatian emigrants who have played significant roles in global cultural or technology evolution, and have marked not only themselves but Croatia as their origin too. They were Croats. 

croatia diaspora should be Croatia's bride

(Photo: Miki Bratanić)

This is not about the past, it is a present and future story. We need to understand there are more Croats in the diaspora than in Croatia.

We should change our perception of the diaspora because tomorrow we also can became diaspora, if this exodus from Croatia continues.

In the previous decade, our diaspora invested more money in Croatia than all other foreign investments combined. Over the last few years, the diaspora has sent money to the tune of one fifth of total tourism income of Croatia, which is incredible and a respectable value.

Unfortunately, there are so many known obstacles related to diaspora investment which are reducing the amount of value, and reducing the desire for them to invest in the homeland. 

The Croatian diaspora is imaginary in our Croatian International Monetary Fund. It offers a huge amount of clean money without any interest. It offers know-how. It offers experience. It offer already established business flow. It offers employment. 

Our diaspora is our best global ambassador and spokesperson.

The diaspora played a key role during the Croatian War of Independence, not only financially, but also with public proclamations and information which helped the world understand our national and human rights. The diaspora can play a key role today in building our society and helping it advance. All we have to do is to allow them, and make it easy.

croatia diaspora should be Croatia's bride

(Photo: Miki Bratanić)

The relationship between all Croats willing to help improve Croatia is mandatory and one of the crucial factors for success. 

This is what we had at the time of war in Croatia, but unfortunately this unity was lost over time. Only united as a team, inside and outside the country we can be better and stronger.

Let the time of ‘inner’ and ‘outer ‘enemies disappear. Let’s build a new era of inner and outer partners and friends.

Let’s all be Croats in one borderless global Croatia. 

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