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Croatian Consumers Prefer Croatian and German Products

SplitCroatian consumers prefer to buy Croatian goods, according to a recent Icertias research report…

46% of consumers would rather buy products produced in Croatia, followed by products from Germany (14.7%) and Austria (4.7%). Goods from Italy, USA, France, Switzerland, Japan and China were in the Top 10. The research report revealed that when it came to purchasing food products, 76.8% of consumers prefered to buy products from Croatia, followed by Germany (4.2%) and Italy (4%).

Germany was the destination of choice when it came to purchasing a vehicle, with 64.2% favouring German produced cars. France (9,1%) Japan (7,8%), Italy (2,4%) and South Korea (1,5%) were the next favoured origins.

Germany was also the prefered choice when it came to purchasing a high-tech product such (32.4%), followed by Japan (16,4%), USA (8,2%), Croatia (4,9%), Slovenia (4,6%), China (4,1%), and South Korea(2,3%) and also when purchasing a financial service (18.9%) and a telecommunication service (36.7%).

When it comes to using commercial services, or the preferred country of origin of a retail chain, respondents listed Croatia as the number one preferred country of origin (26.8%), with Germany a close second (25.1%), followed by Italy (7.6%), Austria (3.4%), the Netherlands (2.3%) and China with (1.6%).

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