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Croatian city ranked 4th best in Europe to retire in

Croatian city ranked 4th best in Europe for retirement


The Croatian city of Dubrovnik has found itself in fourth place on the list of the top ten best European cities for retirement, published by the popular website The Travel. 

Cypriot city Paphos claimed the first spot, followed by the Sicilian resort town Taormina and the Irish town of Kinsale.

Dubrovnik earned its high position due to its “rich history, natural beauty, and Mediterranean charm.”

“With its well-preserved medieval city walls, cobblestone streets, and stunning coastal landscapes, Dubrovnik has many places worth seeing and exploring.”

Retirees can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, delicious local cuisine, and endless cultural experiences, they state. According to their calculation, a monthly budget of €2300 is needed to live in the city – a significant amount for Croatian retirees.

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For years, Europe has been the dream destination for many retirees due to its natural beauty, rich culture, and comprehensive healthcare. Moreover, it is equally easy to find a tranquil place with a view of nature or the sea as it is to find a bustling city full of amenities. Important criteria in the selection process included cost of living, climate, and the presence of immigrant communities from the retirees’ home countries.

“Croatia offers relatively low living costs, accessible healthcare, and a high quality of life,” they presented.

You can see the full list here. 

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